Maile Kea Treehouse

Howling Dog Guest House is now hosting glampers! We have transformed a section of the property into a fun, colorful campground with all the amenities glampers need for a great time in nature.

Maile Kea Treehouse is a wonderful observation hut set in the bamboo forest for privacy.


Maile Kea Treehouse is a wood platform hut set 8 feet up in a tree. Climb the ladder to enjoy 360 degree views from inside the screened hut. The air mattress makes for comfortable sleeping in the fresh breezes. Site includes a ground level picnic table and outhouse with porta-potty.

Camp base is covered and has a concrete floor, running water, a hot shower and dressing room, kitchen sink prep table, seating, and bbq grill.

We have provided a fireplace for our guests to enjoy which conforms to local fire codes. Unfortunately, open fire pits are not allowed.

Parking is at Camp Base.


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