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Presenting Camp @ HDGH and Maile Kea Treehouse

Now open and taking reservations, the Camp @ HDGH is ready for campers and glampers!Stay in a tent or book the Maile Kea Treehouse and also enjoy Camp Base with camp kitchen, hot shower, and fireplace.RESERVE HERE

On the way! Feels like a first date…with destiny

As of this writing on September 21st, 2017, the dream of Hale Ilio Himeni is fast becoming a reality. Flying to Hawaii today and will finally get to see, hear, and feel this paradise for the first time. I’ve been busy for days weighing… Continue Reading “On the way! Feels like a first date…with destiny”

Kahuna Blessing changed to 9/25

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to reschedule the Kahuna Blessing Ceremony to Monday, September 25th. Stay tuned for time if you’re planning to join us.

Negotiating Paradise is not easy!

The days on island were ending soon, and a our list was shrinking because properties were going already under contract fast, with rumours of multiple offers. The market was definitely waking up now so we felt it was time to make a move. The… Continue Reading “Negotiating Paradise is not easy!”

35 Properties, But No Beach!

Fast forward to six months later, it’s June, and I’m headed to Hawaii for three weeks. We’ve been working with a Realtor through the spring and have a handful of properties to see while I’m there. This time I would be concentrating on properties… Continue Reading “35 Properties, But No Beach!”

First explorations

Our first time in Hawaii was filled to the max with adventure and surprisingly successful in the area of information gathering. We spent a little time in Kona on the West side of the island where the weather is drier and the tourism is… Continue Reading “First explorations”

Zeroing in On Paradise

The answer to “The Big ?” came from an online search for bed and breakfast properties listed for sale. The big island of Hawaii meets all of the criteria we were looking for, and the market seemed to be in a wake up pattern… Continue Reading “Zeroing in On Paradise”

The Big ?

“If we could live anywhere, where would you choose?” was the question put forth to ponder. Easily answered was the first reaction…of course it would be somewhere within the equatorial belt to ensure temperate, tropical environment…with an ocean nearby (outside the front door being… Continue Reading “The Big ?”

Kahuna Blessing changed to 9/25!!

All who are able and wish to attend our Kahuna Blessing Ceremony are welcome to come by and share in our Aloha spirit of Ohana! Please just send us a note! The word Kahuna is derived from Kahu, which means caretaker. Also, huna means… Continue Reading “Kahuna Blessing changed to 9/25!!”


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