Hawaii is Open Again

On October 15th, Hawaii began welcoming visitors under the pre-test for covid19 program. To avoid the 2 week hotel room quarantine visitors must have a covid19 test given by one of Hawaii’s “trusted partners list”. These include Walgreens, CVS, etc., all on the Hawaii.gov website. In addition, each Island County is offering a 2nd test at arrival, and some are even offering local discount cards to those who test negative upon arrival.

We are happy to say that during the first 2 weeks of the program almost 90,000 visitors have arrived. The program seems to be a success, in spite of a few hiccups early on. There have been less than 5 visitors who tested positive upon arrival. And a few folks had their pre-test at non-approved site, so they are required to quarantine until their arrival test results are obtained. With these lessons learned, earlier and better communication to tourists traveling to Hawaii has been implemented.

By January, everything should be running smoothly for an increasing daily arrival of visitors. We will begin welcoming guests at Howling Dog Guest House and Camp. So get your time reserved now!

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