On the way! Feels like a first date…with destiny

As of this writing on September 21st, 2017, the dream of Hale Ilio Himeni is fast becoming a reality. Flying to Hawaii today and will finally get to see, hear, and feel this paradise for the first time.

I’ve been busy for days weighing suitcases to make sure all the crap crammed in them doesn’t cost extra for overweight baggage. Previously living in places with limited resources and high shipping costs changes the way one looks at luggage. Tools, kitchen stuff, and electronics have joined the usual snorkel equipment. Oh damn, I forgot to leave 5 lbs. for clothing! And yes, I’ll be checking-in two new dehumidifiers in their shipping boxes as baggage. These times are when it definitely pays to be a frequent flyer member.

In all of this hubbub it does feel different this time, packing for Hawaii. Instead of a list of beaches to visit there is a to-do list. Responsibility replaces the free feeling of vacation. The underlying excitement of the new adventure is totally undeniable, though.

Tomorrow, after a long day of travelling, moving luggage and boxes around, and paying exorbitant prices for really bad food…the pictures and satellite images I’ve been staring at since April will become reality. My brain will have a much better handle on some details, and I’ll be sleeping in Paradise (if the coqui frogs don’t keep me awake!)

Next post from Hawaii!

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