35 Properties, But No Beach!

Fast forward to six months later, it’s June, and I’m headed to Hawaii for three weeks. We’ve been working with a Realtor through the spring and have a handful of properties to see while I’m there. This time I would be concentrating on properties that have potential as income producers rather than operational B&B’s.

Due to the tourism market and drier climate we were leaning toward the Western side of the Big Island from Kona southward to Captain Cook. But, my time would be split evenly with the Eastern side as the property prices were more attractive.

By the end of the second week I had found more properties to see and ended up walking through 35 altogether. An exhausting and very educational time of eliminating all but three homes on the West side and four on the East side. By this time I had spent two weeks driving around in Hawaii and didn’t even realize that I had actually never made time to go to the beach!

Well that would change real fast as the following week was spent having more fun for sure. I managed to fit in second visits to the seven remaining candidates as well as a newly listed property. In conclusion the list was narrowed to three final candidates, each offering distinct possibilities.

The offer process begins…

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