First explorations

Our first time in Hawaii was filled to the max with adventure and surprisingly successful in the area of information gathering. We spent a little time in Kona on the West side of the island where the weather is drier and the tourism is centered. It’s much like CA with large hotel resorts and vibrant downtown tourist shops. We enjoyed a luau, parasailing, and one of the cash cow snorkeling boats which hold 300 people at $79 each.

After a few days we toured around to the tropical rain forest of the Hilo area on the East side teeming with local families and university students. Very green and lush with lots of eco-things to do.  At Volcano National Park we saw the molten lava glowing in the crater. And the night skies with zero ambient light pollution…pitch black with a billion stars.

Our property selections, the places where we were staying, which we thought were good candidates for purchase proved to be a bit disappointing though. The property which topped our list was nice for sure, damn near perfect for us, but it was taken off the market. Our second choice was literally getting devoured by termites, and most of the others had something or another that we hadn’t considered such as lava zones.

Overall both the tourism and real estate markets appeared to be better than we thought and showed the promise of strong growth. So we concluded that another trip should be made after watching properties for a few months. And, since we experienced the climate in winter it would be best to schedule the next trip in summer to evaluate both seasons in terms of climate as well as visitor numbers.

We returned with a deeper understanding of the area and the market, and with a new excitement of the real possibilities that lie ahead.


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