Zeroing in On Paradise

The answer to “The Big ?” came from an online search for bed and breakfast properties listed for sale. The big island of Hawaii meets all of the criteria we were looking for, and the market seemed to be in a wake up pattern offering affordable property values to be found for the savvy investor. So the big island appeared very attractive.

Once we zeroed in on the longitude, and more specifically the island, there was much to investigate and learn. Lava zones, temperate zones, coqui frogs, off-grid living, VOG, poke, water catchment, Aloha and Ohana…to list just a few of the new considerations. A bit of research into the local market listings provided enough possibilities of bed and breakfasts currently for sale to warrant a closer look. So we made reservations at each place and off we went, in January 2017, to immerse ourselves into this new adventure for 2 weeks.

The adventure begins…

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