Kahuna Blessing changed to 9/25!!

All who are able and wish to attend our Kahuna Blessing Ceremony are welcome to come by and share in our Aloha spirit of Ohana! Please just send us a note!

The word Kahuna is derived from Kahu, which means caretaker. Also, huna means secret; so together, a Kahuna is the keeper or caretaker of secret or sacred knowledge. In other words, a Kahuna is a professional expert of a given field of knowledge and practice. Beyond being the leading practitioner of his or her craft or profession, each also acted as the interface between his “guild” so to speak, and its Patron and or Matron Spirits. Prayers and offerings are regularly made to the Spirit or Spirits in order to solicit Mana. This includes asking for special powers or energies, solutions to problems of a technical or spiritual nature, or success of a business.

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